Property testing for methamphetamine

TLC Meth Testing are professionals who test homes for methamphetamine to keep you and your family safe.

We established in 2016 to counter the growing issue of methamphetamine (also known as meth or P) in New Zealand properties. We offer a cost effective lab based testing service that is very reliable, accurate and can provide you with quick results.

Testing in the Wellington, Hutt Valley and Kapiti regions, our expert service has already contributed to the removal of methamphetamine from many homes and can provide you that peace of mind when buying or renting your next home.

TLC Meth Testing delivers a professional and reliable service in the methamphetamine testing environment. The report that we provide will detail the levels of contamination in your home or rental and compare that to the acceptable levels in the    Meth Testing at Standards New Zealand.

Multiple property management teams prefer to use us in the greater wellington region for our professional and quick service. Check out our testimonials page for referrals.

We are proud members of the Methamphetamine Testing Industry Association of New Zealand (MTIANZ). The MTIANZ is a group of industry professionals who formed to give the public some peace of mind. We ensure the procedures for testing homes for meth are standardised, effective and right for you.


Why Test For Methamphetamine?

The Ministry of Health commissioned a report from the Crown Research Institute ESR which studied the health risks associated with methamphetamine residues in properties. The ESR report concluded that there are health risks for people exposed to the residues of methamphetamine – particularly infants and young children in New Zealand homes.  Knowing the levels of methamphetamine in a property allows you to understand the risk. This allows you to make decisions that will keep your family safe.

Also, it can be expensive to clean up properties with high meth residue levels. A quick test will help you understand if there are any arising costs or effect on the property value arising from residues in that property.

We highly recommend testing:

  • If you are buying or selling a property.
  • As a landlord, at the beginning and end of tenancy in rental properties.
  • As a tenant, when moving into a rented property, especially if there are concerns about possible residues in the property.


Meth tests to suit your situation

We have two tests that will help you make the best decision for your situation, stage 1 screening and stage 2 individualised. Stage 1 screening is an overview of the contamination level of the house and stage 2 gives you a detailed understanding of the contamination levels of each room. Contact us to book the testing of your house now.
TLC Meth Testing procedure for testing a home

Stage 1 – Lab Composite

TLC Meth Testing testing a room for methThe kits we use for the stage 1 screen are provided by Analytica Laboratories.

Samples are collected from multiple locations through the property and sent to the lab. However, instead of each sample being tested individually,  the individual samples are combined into a single sample for analysis. The Lab holds these composite samples for 30 days.

We believe that Lab Composite testing is superior to Field Composite testing for the following reasons:

  • The results from a Field Composite test are cumulative, meaning there is a chance of a false high reading which would then lead to expensive individual testing.
  • As the Lab Composite results are taken from individual areas there is no need for us to return to the property for stage 2 testing, meaning lower costs and less disruption to tenants and property managers.

We then send you a comprehensive report with the results of the findings.


48hr Initial Lab Composite Testing $229+gst, for up to 10 samples. If extra samples are required, these will be $10+gst each.

Urgent 24hr Lab Composite Testing $269+gst

Stage 2 – Individualised Samples

This is the most comprehensive or ‘gold standard’ option available.  Individual samples are taken from different locations around the property (or even separate locations within a room) and sent to the lab for analysis.

Individual Sample results can be compared directly with the New Zealand Standards. This allows these samples to be used to plan decontamination and check for the success after decontamination. Results for methamphetamine greater than 1.5μg/100sqcm exceed the updated New Zealand Standard, therefore decontamination needs to take place.



The cost of an Individualised Sample test varies depending on different factors such as how many samples need to be analysed.  Please call to find out an accurate cost.

Contact Richie or Matt to ensure your home is safe

Richard and Matthew bring with them more than 20 years of experience in hazardous materials and decontamination with the New Zealand Fire Service. They have completed the Apple Environmental methamphetamine awareness testing, compliance and decontamination course, as well as being trained to the NIOSH9111 standard in methamphetamine testing. Contact us to make the most of this service at your property.

Check out our Services section to learn what tests we can complete for your peace of mind.

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